Mount Kinabalu is the highest Mountain in Malaysia and as high as it is, taking the hike up the  mountain is no walk in the park. Before you start the hike you may or may not need to have some exercise beforehand, this all depends on your body of course. Also, it can be quite expensive to hike up the mountain, that is why you need to make sure that you plan your hike before you attempt it. And for those who are on a low budget, we have a few ways that you can enjoy the hike up Mount Kinabalu on a very low or tight budget. Besides where there is a will, there will always be way, be it you are playing online casino games or you are hiking.

Planning Your Hike

Hiking Mount Kinabalu can be done in one or two days this will depend on your body as well as the speed that you are taking. Since you are on a budget, we assume that you will not hiking with a personal tour guide as they can expensive charging over $400 and more that is why we advise to have a shared tour guide with more hikers to reduce the costs.

In addition, by planning your hike, you will need to make sure that you have the basic equipment and choose a trail that you can follow without any hassles. If the aspect of hiking up mount Kinabalu alone seems to scare you a bit, you can easily look for other hikers and share the costs of the hike.

Choose your Route 

When planning your hike, you need to factor in time that you want start your hike as well.  There are mainly two routes that can be used when hiking up the mountain to the tallest peak called Low’s Peak after the first hiker Huge Low. The first route is done by the trekker is Timpohon Gate which is 6km to Laban Rata and Mersilau which is 8km to Laban Rata.

The Mersilau Route is the more challenging and the longer route, you can take this route with minim hiking gear. This rout is mainly ascending, therefore you nee to make sure that you have prepared yourself mentally for the hike.  Using this route and taking 10-minute breaks starting at 9 am you can reach Laban Rata at 3 pm.

The Rest

We mentioned that hiking up the mountain generally takes two days and upon reaching Laban Rata, you will need a place to spend the night. The cheapest place to stay at when here is the Lemaing Hut it is relatively cheaper as compared to the Sutra Lodge and Laban Rata. 

The Lemaing Hut has 2 rooms that can be occupied by 16 people each and there is hot water available. 

The Final hike

Day 2 is when you are able to reach the summit and most hikes starts at 2am. However should the rains be heavy, the hike is cancelled. The first part of the journey is very steep as such you need a rope to be able to go up the trail. That being said, don’t forget your torch, gloves and warm clothes as well.  The final hike will in most cases take you at least 2 hours, the reason why it is started so early is so that you can see the sunrise. 

Your Budget Tips

  • Don’t join a tour as they can be expensive
  • Carry your own meals
  • Know the available places for accommodation
  • Book in advance