<h1>Attractions Nearby Mt. Kinabalu</h1>
Exploring Sabah and its places of interests are what I do when I am free. The following are places I know to be exiciting and interesting for tourists nearby Mount Kinabalu:

( updating in progress )

1. Desa Cow Farm, Kundasang:

Desa Cow Farm in Kundasang

2. Kundasang War Memorial Park

3. Pekan Nabalu

4. Poring Hot Springs Recreation Area + Kipungit Waterfall + Bat Cave, Kinabalu Park

5. Vegetable Farms at Kundasang:

Kundasang Vegetable Farm

6. Vegetables & Fruits Market at Kundasang:

Kundasang Vegetable & Fruits Market

6. Nepenthes Garden at Mesilau (Nepenthes rajah):

Nepenthes Rajah at Nepenthes Garden

7. Fish Feeding & Massage at Kampung Luanti, Ranau:

Kampung Luanti Fish Feeding & Massage