Mt Kinabalu Low's Peak

Wong Choy Yee's Mount Kinabalu Experience:

Truly Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience!

... by Wong Choy Yee and gang (27/28 February 2013)

Truly Once In A Lifetime Experience of Mount Kinabalu by Wong Choy Yee

"Life is about scaling one mountain, then facing the next one, and the one after that. Those who persevere finally succeed in conquering the highest of mountains. On the other hand, those who avoid such challenges by taking the easy route will only descend into the valleys." –Daisaku Ikeda–

We are newly-wed and to complement our once-in-a-lifetime experience, we decided to take up the challenge to climb Mount Kinabalu to mark the beginning of our journey as husband and wife (…together with four other comrades in faith and friend). I was introduced to Jackz through a friend. In the first place I was quite doubtful because he demanded for full payment from the very beginning. But since he was recommended, we put our trust in him.

On the actual day itself, I was surprise to find out that Jackz actually intended to climb with us. I was surprised because in my past experience the tour guide simply dumped us with the mountain guide and chaoz. He explained that he usually climb with his customer provided his schedule allow. Though he couldn't be with us, he got us a very responsible mountain guide. His name is Oshee. To assure us that he is an experienced guide, Jackz showed us a video of Oshee carrying a lady whose leg sprained during the climb. Fuuuhhh, our safety promised! I was really amazed by the effort put forth by Jackz, thumbs up!
It was a wonderful climb with Oshee. It took a hellish nine hours for our friends to reach Laban Rata, with the support from him. (well, we heard the worst took 13 hours… -_-")

During the midnight climb, Oshee gave us a lot of guides and tips to keep us in good pace and safe steps. TaDa…we made it to the peak before the sun made its appearance!

Wong Choy Yee and comrades at Mount Kinabalu

Besides being a professional mountain guide, Oshee was a competent photographer too. He helped us taking many beautiful pictures. He was also fun to chat with, sharing his many experiences. He shared that his photo taking skill was something he learned from his customer. This learning spirit is truly admirable. I guess if there're grades given to mountain guides, he should be graded AA! (Does this grant him a promotion? =)) Descending Rock Trail of Mount Kinabalu with the help of Mountain Guide

Beautiful Scenery of Mount Kinabalu

Finally, thanks for such a memorable experience. Should we have the opportunity to recommend a guide for Sabah and mount kinabalu, it must be Jackz and Oshee.


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