Mt Kinabalu Low's Peak

Teng Han's Mount Kinabalu Experience!

It has been 4 years since the memorable moment I step on the pinnacle of South East Asia, the summit of Mount Kinabalu, Low's Peak… But the magnificent view along the path and every interesting moment I had on the journey is still fresh, flashing clearly in my mind. I believe the trip had been better because I took this challenge together with my family members, my cousin Chin Nee, Tark Shi, and having my King-Scout cousin Jackz Lee as our Guide! It was 4th of August 2007.

Group Photo at Mersilau

It was a morning full of mist, when 45 persons of the same team assembled at the starting point of Mersilau. The team was mainly students which came from the same University as my cousin. Everyone gathered for a good picture with the fresh and energetic look before taking the first step.

We were 10 km from the peak and everyone was quite worried if they are able to make it. But everyone was having positive attitude and giving good encouragement to their friends. First destination: Laban Rata accommodation, 8.2 km away.

I felt that it has been quite a waste that I've didn't have enough picture of myself along the journey because the only idea in my mind on that instance was to reach Laban Rata as soon as possible. (I regret it, honestly) But luckily I gave myself ample time to have a good view of the scenery and the flora and fauna around me. (I promise to go back to Mt Kinabalu again with a good camera!)

1200h, I passed the 3.5 km sign and had my "lunch" which was a few piece of chocolate. Then I continued.

1430h, I arrived at the junction where the Mersilau and Timpohon trial meet and had my "tea break", a tube of Oreo cookies…

Beautiful and amazing view from Mount Kinabalu

My fatigue built up very fast after the function, I felt that my energy was draining out. I began to decelerate in my pace. But the miracle in the 6.5 km sign re-ignited my spirit, the gorgeous view of the hills below me! Reaching that altitude, the trees became very short and the cool wind soared and breeze through me. The low temperature pushed me forward. Finally I arrived at Laban Rata 1600h, exactly 7 hours from Mersilau.

I was shocked when I saw my 7 years old brother on a mountain guide's back who arrived about 30 minutes after I arrived. My brother collapsed! His arrival has drawn a big attention among those in the rest area. My cousin Tark Shi and I took care of my brother until my parents arrived on 1800h and I was told that my brother collapsed near the 6.5 km sign. He had a slight fever that night and luckily it didn't gone any worse.

It was 0200h the next day. After a few hours of rest, those who still have energy to continue were getting prepared for the summit. We set off at 0230h, with a slow pace. My mother stayed back to take care of my brother, I went up together with my father., and my cousin Jackz Lee close beside us.
The 2 km to the peak wasn't any easier than the previous 8 km. We walk through dark road, with our head lamp on, chilling cool weather with clear sky. There wasn't even a piece of cloud to keep the heat. It was the coolest temperature that I've ever experience. The peak looks like a gigantic shadow in the starry night. It was the first time I saw shooting stars with my naked eyes. On the last part, we relied on the ropes to secure ourselves to the rocky surface.

Finally, the climax of all!

Low's Peak - Mount Kinabalu conquered at last!

We arrived, still in time to meet the sunrise!

It was 0530h when I arrived on the peak, 4092.8 m above sea level.

I had a good rest until the sunrise, looking at the whole South East Asia under my feet, with the sense of achievement that I never had. On that instance, I had nothing in my blurred mind but kept telling myself I arrived on the peak. I was amazed by the view of everything in my sight.

Teng Han - Mount Kinabalu

I was exhausted, the cause was neither the distance I walked nor the height I hiked, but the energy I used to resist the cold. After some time, I took my sweet time walking down back to Laban Rata.
After breakfast, the team began to make their way down the mountain. My brother got better. The way back was not a rush, we paced slowly along the way, slowly on our journey back on the Timpohon Trial.

Timpohon - Take Nothing But Photographs, Leave Nothing But Footprints

We arrived at Timpohon in the afternoon, everyone is exhausted, except my little brother who was totally revived. The journey was officially ended (We called it so).

This trip is far more than just a memorable journey because it dramatically has changed my life. The success of achieving Low's Peak gave me the confidence to challenge my myself, so I began to generate the idea of indulging myself into more outdoor activities and also the attempt to join the Worldwide Brotherhood of the Scout Movement just like my cousin Jackz Lee. My dear cousin has always been my inspirational figure and this journey had proven and boosted this fact to the greater extent. After the event, I joined Scouts the next year' 08 and I am now the Sea Scout member of Singapore Polytechnic Rover crew.

Cheers and Scout Saluteto Jackz Lee!

Tan Teng Han

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