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Mount Kinabalu & Kinabalu Parks
Safety & Security Information & Guidelines

Please read through these safety and security information or guidelines. They may save your life and sometimes, the life of others.


1. Identify your mountain guides - It means know who your mountain guides are, remember their names & faces and keep information on how to reach them at all times.

2. Travel together in your own group and stay with guide at all times.

3. Follow the instructions of your mountain guide, such as do not run while on rockface, hold the rope, etc.

4. Alert your mountain guide if you face any difficulty.

5. Display your climbing permit and show it to park officials at the check point at Timpohon Gate, Laban Rata and Sayat-Sayat on your way up and down.

6. If for any reason, you are seperated from the group, please follow the while rope that marks the summit trail. If visibility is very low or in the dark, please hold onto the rope and follow it. For your information, there is a thick white rope leading all the way from the vegetation belt above Panar Laban to the summit. Use this rope to help climbing up and prevent falling when walking down.


7. The weather on the summit can deteriorate in a matter of minutes. Thick mist may reduce visibility to only 3 meters and rainstorms and wind of up to 120km/hr may occur at times. So please hold on to the ROPE, which can lead you to safety.

8. If you are separated from your mountain guide and lose sight of the ROPE, STOP IMMEDIATELY, stay where you are and blow your whistle to attract attention. Please do not try to find your own way out. Help is definitely on the way. The park officials at Sayat-Sayat check point will notice that you are missing.


9. While climbing to the summit please make sure to carry with you the followings;-

  • Wear Enough WARM Clothings - Temperature can be freezing at times
  • A torch light - To light your way during the pre-dawn climb and to signal for help when needed
  • A rain coat - To protect you from the rain and wind, and it will slow down the loss of body heat.
  • A whistle - Only to be used when help is needed. Three short blasts, long continuous blasts for emergency and serious injuries.
  • Some energy food and water - For emergency use when you are waiting for help to arrive.
  • For further reference of items to bring, please refer to my Mount Kinabalu Climbing Preparation page.

10. DO NOT CLIMB if you are suffering from or have a history of the following ailments;-

Heart diseases, Hypertension, Chronic Asthma, Peptic Ulcer, Severe Anemia, Diabetes, Epileptic Fits, Arthritis, Palpitation, Hepatitis (Jaundice), Muscular Cramps, Obesity (over weight), any other sickness that may be triggered by severe cold exertion and high altitude.

11. Do not leave your belongings unattended.

12. Do not run during the climb, as it is very dangerous. You may accidently injure yourself and even others.

13. Do not shout or scream anywhere in the mountain, unless you have to call for help.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS (save or write them down)

1. Park Manager: 019-8610404, Office: 088-889888
2. Protection & Enforcement: 013-8610466, 019-8305282, 014-8566061, 013-8753675
3. Kinabalu Complex Counter: 088-889095, Mesilau Counter: 088-871550
4. Poring Hotspring: 019-8626295, 019-8954138, 014-851 8655
5. Monggis: 013-8970606
6. Serinsim: 014-6760750, 016-8434653
7. Mountain lifeguards: 019-8415686, 013-8903944
8. Maintenance: 012-8353934


Now you can climb and travel safely, and enjoy Mount Kinabalu & Sabah.

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