Mt Kinabalu Low's Peak

Low's Peak Achievers!

In such an expedition, you not only conquer Mount Kinabalu but many other peaks as well...

Mount Kinabalu - Low's Peak

Photo above: Low's Peak is the highest peak among all peaks at Mount Kinabalu. And a peak is where the mountain meets the sky!

Photo below: Victoria Peak, nice and grand...

Victoria Peak of Mount Kinabalu

Photo below: St John's Peak...

St John's Peak of Mount Kinabalu

Alexandra Peak, Oyayubi Peak and Dewali Pinnacles

Photo above: This one is quite special.. because there are many peaks here. Alexandra Peak, Oyayubi Iwu Peak & Dewali Pinnacles (a bunch of peaks... lol).

South Peak of Mount Kinabalu

Photo above: This is the peak with a very beautiful view... South Peak! Most people take photos in a group of this peak when they reach KM 8.

Finally, here are ordinary people who have made it all the way to the very top of Mount Kinabalu and conquered Low's Peak! Congratulations to all of them!

Low's Peak Achievers!




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