Mt Kinabalu Low's Peak

The Lam Sisters Mt Kinabalu Experience!

Thanks to Chelsea, Mei & Sally for allowing me to share this..... they are really great mountain climbers and climbed Mt Kinabalu without any thoughts of giving up! (Must also thank their parents for training them!)

Watch and read their amazing story here...

Lam sisters taking their first few steps at the foot of Mt Kinabalu. Looks like an easy climb!

We climbed easily to 0.5km, and thought we are already successful, so we take a photo of ourselves! So silly of us!

Say cheese...! *snap* *snap*

The Mesilau Trail is just a little longer than other trails...

As we climb along Mesilau Trail, a trail which is slightly longer than the other trail, we climb climb climb. And suddenly we reach a place of hidden and rare beauty. Magically, our mobile phones are still working.

Mei said: Sister, tell Mom that we've reached the Flower Fruits Mountain (land where the Monkey God stays).

Sally (on Digi mobile): Hello Mom! We've reached the land of the Deities already!

Mom, on the other end: Really? So did you ask any lucky numbers from the Gods or not?

Chelsea (fishing for signal on her Celcom mobile): Yiii.. why can't I get a signal?

~~~~~~ tortoise ~~~~~~~

As we walk, we come across some strange people along the way.

Mei: Hey, look at that lady in front of us!

Sally: Amazing, we're so damn cold out here.

Chelsea: Wow, she dresses like she's in Hawaii!

The view of the peak of Mt Kinabalu!

Looking towards the faraway horizon....

Chelsea: Look, we can now see the peak of the mountain! The Great Monk also struggled like us when he travelled to the West!

Sisters: *panting all the way*

Food... Water... Energy... Sleep... so cold.....

Chelsea: *Eating in desperation...*

Mei: *Deprived of sleep... Zzzz...*

Sally: *Give me warmth!! BBbrrrr..... *

Remember the story of the Tortoise and Rabbit? Although the tortoise was very slow, but it still reaches the end! We are really some weird mysterious tortoises, but unexpectedly we still manage to reach our destination - LABAN RATA! Guess what, the food there is so delicious, and the sunset is so very beautiful..... but because we are so deprived, nobody thought of taking a photo of that gorgeous sunset! So if you want to see the sunset that we saw, climb up Kinabalu and see it for yourself!

While we think we are still in bliss and happiness.... we came to realize that these tortoises haven't reach the real destination yet! (Low's Peak)

Sally: Hey, I thought we booked the Laban Rata resthouse?

Chelsea: Possibly that's one of its building...

(Gunting Lagadan Resthouse is actually 200 metres higher than Laban Rata!)

The ultimate climb from Laban Rata to Low's Peak!

4AM ... it's about time these 3 tortoises put their courage to trial!

Chelsea: How high do you think this place is?

Mei: I can't see. (in darkness) I don't know. I think we're not very high up.

Actually we plan to sit on top the highest rock of Mt Kinabalu to watch the sunrise, unfortunately the sun is already up even before we could reach the top...

Finally, the Peak of Mt Kinabalu!!! The Tortoises Have Finished The Race!

No matter how you want to say it, although these three tortoises are the slowest, we still miss our breakfast... (because breakfast is already being served downhill!)

Lam Sisters : HOOOoooray!! Yeaaah!!!!

From the top of Kinabalu, the view is really authentic and no joke! Wow, such satisfaction is far more satisfying than the numbness of our legs. Ahhh... we're there is still really some self-satisfaction afterall (Top Of The World Feeling) !

(Those three tortoises thought little sunblock was enough. But they seem to have sun-bathed more darker than dark-skin people.)


THE END... or is this just the start of their adventure?


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