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Really salute to this tour guide who has climbed out to Mount Kinabalu for 55 times at the moment, and still climbing. He is the best tour guide in Sabah. I will strongly recommend him if you go Sabah for visit. He is helpful, full of experienced, friendly and likes to cracks jokes and gives us encouragement and advises along the way.

Jiawoei's Review and Testimonial of Climbing  Kinabalu Park & Sabah

Hi Jackz,

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of my friends, to thank you for being such a wonderful tour guide =). Even though you are busy, you took care of us while we are at Sabah.

But sorry to disappoint you as I can't reach the submit of Mount Kinabalu. At first, I was very disappointed in myself not to able to overcome the height phobia, it was tough when it comes to the rope climbing, the last lap to reach to the peak of the mountain. But I remember that you said safety must come first. I told myself since I am not confident in going up to the peak, and prevent any accidents to happen, I shall choose not to continue to climb out to the peak.

However, I have a great experience in carrying 9kg of things, going up 6km to the resort. The steps and roads are rocky but I manage to overcome them. And not forgetting, the experienced and nice mountain guide around. It was great =). I have my memorable time in Sabah during my birthday period.

We also manage to eat the best Bak Kut Teh. It is very delicious. I will visit Sabah end of this year or next year. And I will choose you to be our tour guide again =). If you happen to come to JB or Singapore, you may come and find us and we will go out for meals. We will email you the pictures too =).

Best Regards,

Joshua's Testimonial of Kota Kinabalu, Kinabalu Park  & Sabah

SMS (28 July 2012): Hi, Jackz! Lucas gang here :) We are already back to KL, we had a memorable trip, especially the doctor :) We are so thankful to have you as our tour guide, thank you so much, hope will see you again :)

SMS (6 August 2012): Hi Jackz. We are heading back now. Thanks for being such a great guide, and the motivation throughout, helping us make it to the top! You are a great guide, keep it up! Just need to improve on the jokes. Haha. :p take care n all the best!! -- fr Carmen, Chen Leng, Shiau Ning, Wei Wei, Zoe & Zi Xiang

Testimonial from a forum member of Lonely Planet

Hi Jackz

This is Nicole and we met at Mt Kinabalu over the weekend. I sent you a message on Facebook a few days ago and am not sure if you check your FB regularly. Anyway, thank you again for guiding and supporting me all the way up to the summit. You are indeed an excellent guide. I am lucky to have met someone who is an expert in climbing Mt Kinabalu.

Can you give me your mailing address? I would like to send you a small token of my appreciation for your kindness. Have a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes
Nicole Y.


Hi Jackz,
This is Shiau Ning , am from Zi xiang's group that came in last weekend Aug 4th. Just wanna say Thank you very much for helping me on the journey back from Laban Rata to Timpohon. Without you and the rest's help, I really don't know how long I will take to reach, and whether I can reach timpohon or not. So really, Thank you so much. I know its hard and tiring for your all. Really appreciate it.

Shiau Ning

Mount Kinabalu Climbing Testimonial

Mt Kinabalu testimonial by SiangIng Yeo with her certificate!

Together As One We Did The Impossible! We reached the peak of Mount Kinabalu!


Now its my turn! Thanks to everyone who have supported Jackz! Personally, he has shook my mountains as a young localised nature tour guide - one that is highly disciplined yet always ready to meet any sort of challenges. His knowledge is not only limited to the forests and cultural places of Sabah and Malaysia, but he actually brought us as far as getting to know Beijing & Nothern China. With such valuable experience he has locally & abroad, I can say it is simply a great pleasure knowing him & sharing my wine with him!

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