Sabah Earthquake

5 June 2015

7.15am – A 6.0 magnitude earthquake took place in Ranau and tremors was felt in Kota Kinabalu, Tambunan, Pedalaman, Tuaran & Kota Belud


Ops Kinabalu Center

List of Climbers Arrived at Timpohon Gate

Mountain Guide Ridwan

Climbers Stranded at Mount Kinabalu

Tribute to Robbi Sapinggi (1984-2015)

Rescue Operation Photos :




kinabalu-rescue-operation-01 kinabalu-rescue-operation-02 kinabalu-rescue-operation-03 kinabalu-rescue-operation-04 kinabalu-rescue-operation-05 kinabalu-rescue-operation-06 kinabalu-rescue-operation-07 kinabalu-rescue-operation-08


Facebook & Netizens

Thanks from Elizabeth & Friends!

What a friendly group… !

Hi Jackz

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful climb up Mt Kinabalu, which we all really enjoyed. It was truly an amazing experience, and we really appreciate your efforts to accommodate the many changes to our plans.

Special thanks to our wonderful guide, Saah, who time and again went the extra mile for our safety and comfort- and always with that infectious grin and laugh.

Elizabeth, Bennett, Cheryl, Siew Men, Dewi and Eileen.

To Maldives, With Love – Keep Up Your Strong Spirit!


Few days ago, my teammate and staff Rino climbed Mt Kinabalu with two friendly Maldivians! I love their spirit because while they could not reach the peak, they are not giving up and planning to climb again!!


Maldivians can climb too!

Hi Jackz

Hope your trip to KL went great. Just wanted to thank you and Rino for organizing our climb so well. The whole climb was a memorable experience and the scenery was breathtaking. Rino was very quite but really helpful too. Unfortunately we were not able to make it peak as I got altitude sickness along the way from Laban Rata to Summit check point.But I am really proud of myself for making it that far without any prior exercise or climbing skills as I didnt get much time to do so before our climb. I would like to try again maybe after an year or so with proper exercise and will be really glad if I can have you as my guide and be the first Maldivian to reach Mount Kinabalu summit. So that on the way I can learn about the incredible flora and fauna of the most beautiful mountain in Sabah. Once again thank you and Rino so much for arranging everything and helping us out.


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