Mountain Climbing for 2017

Dear Friends, Climbers, Mountaineers,

Are you ready to climb Mt Kinabalu? I have waited patiently to make sure everything is operating smoothly by Sabah Parks before organising any big climbs to the peak. Now I’m ready to help everyone climb!

The new trail has new wooden staircase for climbers to make their way to the top. The view from here is very scenic and there are lots of improvement! It is also better than the previous trail and designed for the public to have an enjoyable climb and it is claimed to be safer by Japan geologists and international mountain climbers that studied the trail.

New Kinabalu Trail

Just contact me if you wish to climb Mt Kinabalu!

If you have once climbed with me, I hope you will still make Mt Kinabalu one of your best climbing adventure in life again!

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