Morning Briefing at Kinabalu Park

Another beautiful day, this is the view from the entrance of Kinabalu Park, foothills of the Mount Kinabalu. On the far right, there is a simple restaurant where you can have breakfast before your climb.

As usual, I’m giving a briefing  at Kinabalu Park for a team of strong healthy climbers.  🙂 All climbers should get to know the park rules, mountain rules and stick to them.

Climbing steadily but need a break? Kandis Hut (Pondok Kandis) has a simple washroom with water and dustbin.

At Mount Kinabalu, you would enjoy not just the scenery but also the little things along the way such as this very unique flower, known as Rhododendron lowii.

Need direction? Don’t worry, as long you have the willpower, just folow these staircases and it will take you up all the way…. 😉

Interested to climb? Just reach out to me if you wish to climb Mt Kinabalu…

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