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Mountain Climbing for 2017

Dear Friends, Climbers, Mountaineers,

Are you ready to climb Mt Kinabalu? I have waited patiently to make sure everything is operating smoothly by Sabah Parks before organising any big climbs to the peak. Now I’m ready to help everyone climb!

The new trail has new wooden staircase for climbers to make their way to the top. The view from here is very scenic and there are lots of improvement! It is also better than the previous trail and designed for the public to have an enjoyable climb and it is claimed to be safer by Japan geologists and international mountain climbers that studied the trail.

New Kinabalu Trail

Just contact me if you wish to climb Mt Kinabalu!

If you have once climbed with me, I hope you will still make Mt Kinabalu one of your best climbing adventure in life again!

Thanks from Elizabeth & Friends!

What a friendly group… !

Hi Jackz

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful climb up Mt Kinabalu, which we all really enjoyed. It was truly an amazing experience, and we really appreciate your efforts to accommodate the many changes to our plans.

Special thanks to our wonderful guide, Saah, who time and again went the extra mile for our safety and comfort- and always with that infectious grin and laugh.

Elizabeth, Bennett, Cheryl, Siew Men, Dewi and Eileen.

To Maldives, With Love – Keep Up Your Strong Spirit!


Few days ago, my teammate and staff Rino climbed Mt Kinabalu with two friendly Maldivians! I love their spirit because while they could not reach the peak, they are not giving up and planning to climb again!!


Maldivians can climb too!

Hi Jackz

Hope your trip to KL went great. Just wanted to thank you and Rino for organizing our climb so well. The whole climb was a memorable experience and the scenery was breathtaking. Rino was very quite but really helpful too. Unfortunately we were not able to make it peak as I got altitude sickness along the way from Laban Rata to Summit check point.But I am really proud of myself for making it that far without any prior exercise or climbing skills as I didnt get much time to do so before our climb. I would like to try again maybe after an year or so with proper exercise and will be really glad if I can have you as my guide and be the first Maldivian to reach Mount Kinabalu summit. So that on the way I can learn about the incredible flora and fauna of the most beautiful mountain in Sabah. Once again thank you and Rino so much for arranging everything and helping us out.


Thanks from Vincent – great family climb!

Dear Mr Lee,

I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to you and your team for making our climb such an enjoyable experience, from the chauffeurs to the food and especially our guide Hairie. My sisters and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, even though the climb proved to be extremely challenging. We are proud to say that, though challenging, everyone of us managed to reach the summit albeit with painful limbs the following few days. We would definitely conquer the Mersilau trail in the coming years and would look forward to working with you guys again.

Additionally, we would like to personally thank Hairie for rendering help throughout this arduous climb. As such, do you think you could provide us with his contact number or email so that we could personally thank him? We are all extremely grateful to him!

Thank you once again.


I Met Some Great Porters on my 70th Climb up Mt Kinabalu

My 70th climb up Mt Kinabalu was with a group of students from Nanyang Technology University (NTU), Singapore… Out of 13 climbers, 12 managed to reach the summit! Congratulations to you all !

Our climbing group also got to meet two great porters who were carrying water tanks up to Laban Rata. I guess they are getting prepared for the dry season…. my respect to these great porters!



My 69th Climb of Mount Kinabalu

A group of climbers have actually made me felt really proud of them because they really tried their best and nothing is stronger than their will to climb this mountain…

One of them had a sprained ankle a few months back, yet she still climbed and finally decided to stay back at Laban Rata.. We got there somewhere between 1400-1500hrs…

Two of them tried to go just a bit further after Gunting Lagadan Hut at 6.4km… And I think they gave it their best since they were up to a point of having difficulty breathing and walking… I suggested no more higher because they have done their very best…..

Now you will want to know why my deepest respect must go to this group…

They are actually a happy-go-lucky group of elderlies….. You can say age does not matter, but they were at the age of 61, 65, 69 and 73 years old…

If I am at 73 years old, I am not even sure if I can even reach Laban Rata anymore…!!!

I then went to catch up with the rest of the group at 7.1km and then got to the peak…

We hopped back down gently and reached Timpohon at 1300hrs the next day… they were tired and yet still strong-willed!

Congratulations and thank you to all of you who made it to Low’s Peak, Laban Rata & 6.4km – that made you all incomparable; this moment will always stay with me as one of my most memorable and amazing climb ever…

Ahhh.. So now you think everyone can climb yes? Yes of course.. why not, for sure you can climb too…!!! 😉 Now that you know what it takes!!!!!