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Finding Quality Yet Affordable Accommodation in Kota Kinabalu?


Finding Accommodation in Kota Kinabalu? Kinabalu Homestay offers a brand new experience!

If you are looking for accommodation in Kota Kinabalu … There’s a new homestay in town… Just launched, newly renovated… with 5 quality bedrooms and a great price! The homestay owner is a friend of mine and she ensures that her place is always clean and comfortable. Since it is brand new, a grand opening promotion is going on, so better grab it fast !!

For both short-term stay or long-term stay, you can visit Kinabalu Homestay today to make your reservations !!

What Do I Like Most About This Homestay ?

1. Clean & Cosy – there is nothing better than to arrive at a clean, neat and welcoming home during your holidays!

2. Relaxing – somehow the beautiful textures and ambiance creates the most peaceful feeling to me…

3. Dining & Kitchen – unlike a hotel room, you can have a place to cook and dine properly… and all kinds of utensils are always available…

4. Quality Homestay – this is not any “cheap” homestay in Sabah. It has been properly designed and decorated by Interior Designers and all the furnitures and decor are of really quality stuff. Some of the items actually came from IKEA. And they aim to keep everything in good tip-top condition!

5. Great Service – the service provided is always friendly, if there is anything you need just ring their hotline, they are always helpful and try their best to cater for your needs…

6. Tourist Friendly – I cannot recommend if it wasn’t tourist friendly, it provides everything for my tour groups… from odd requests to pickups and airport transfer, its not a problem for them!

7. Internet & Wireless – Need to use Internet during your holiday? Then you can trust that this one provides for you without any extra charge.

8. Fresh Clothes During Holiday – Need to wash your clothes properly? A washing machine and detergent are provided! And of course a proper place to hang your clothes too!

9. Proper Refridgerator – Need to keep some drinks cold? Or even some fish? It can fit anything that you want whether cold or even to freeze.

10. Very Affordable Stay – Have up to 4-10 people in a group? Then you are really getting more than your money’s worth !! With their current promotional rate you can save a lot and can even plan for a longer trip than usual !!

So book your stay with Kinabalu Homestay today and you will have less to worry during your holiday trip in Kota Kinabalu!

If you are taking up any my tour packages, you can also book through me as well for your convenience. Just let me know as early as possible…!!