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Morning Briefing at Kinabalu Park

Another beautiful day, this is the view from the entrance of Kinabalu Park, foothills of the Mount Kinabalu. On the far right, there is a simple restaurant where you can have breakfast before your climb.

As usual, I’m giving a briefing  at Kinabalu Park for a team of strong healthy climbers.  🙂 All climbers should get to know the park rules, mountain rules and stick to them.

Climbing steadily but need a break? Kandis Hut (Pondok Kandis) has a simple washroom with water and dustbin.

At Mount Kinabalu, you would enjoy not just the scenery but also the little things along the way such as this very unique flower, known as Rhododendron lowii.

Need direction? Don’t worry, as long you have the willpower, just folow these staircases and it will take you up all the way…. 😉

Interested to climb? Just reach out to me if you wish to climb Mt Kinabalu…

Mountain Climbing for 2017

Dear Friends, Climbers, Mountaineers,

Are you ready to climb Mt Kinabalu? I have waited patiently to make sure everything is operating smoothly by Sabah Parks before organising any big climbs to the peak. Now I’m ready to help everyone climb!

The new trail has new wooden staircase for climbers to make their way to the top. The view from here is very scenic and there are lots of improvement! It is also better than the previous trail and designed for the public to have an enjoyable climb and it is claimed to be safer by Japan geologists and international mountain climbers that studied the trail.

New Kinabalu Trail

Just contact me if you wish to climb Mt Kinabalu!

If you have once climbed with me, I hope you will still make Mt Kinabalu one of your best climbing adventure in life again!

New Summit Trail Opens 1 December 2015

We’ve received news that the new summit trail will open on 1st December 2015!

What we learned so far is that this brand new summit trail has a fresh excellent view and is about 400-500 meters in distance (from Laban Rata resthouse to Mount KK Summit).

Mount Kinabalu summit climb is now open for booking, but the number of climbers allowed is only 100 climbers per day.

Will let you know if it is ready and safe for climbing.

Jacket Donation to the Mount Kinabalu Guides Association (PEMANGKINA)


A big thank you to everyone who supported our fund-raising campaign to donate jackets to the mountain guides of Mt Kinabalu. We eventually managed to pass over 100+ jackets to the Mount Kinabalu Guides Association (Pemangkina) for their further distribution to the local mountain guides.


A local chinese newspaper covered the news quickly – thank you for supporting us and our unsung heroes.

Help Support the Mountain Guides of Mt Kinabalu!

To all my friends,

Mount Kinabalu is a very beautiful place to all of us. It is like a second home to many mountain guides, including myself. For many tribes in Sabah, it is a spiritual place. From the earthquake disaster which affected Mount Kinabalu, we have learned many lessons and experience a suffering and sadness like never before deep in our hearts. We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the families of victims of the tragedy. We pray that their loved ones will rest in peace. We realised many parties have initiated help in collecting public donations for the victims of Mount Kinabalu. We sincerely hope that the contribution from everyone will reach the victims’ families soon and help them in many ways.

During the entire ordeal, we were asked by many of our friends, climbers and guests that have joined us before: “How about the Mountain Guides?” “Are they safe?” “Did they face any injury?” “Do they need any help?”

We believe not just the families of victims deserve support, but also the living heroes of this tragedy – our respected Mountain Guides (porters included). We must realize that most of these natives which are mostly from the Dusun tribe are supporting their families through the income from guiding climbers up the mountain. Some of them even earn an income as low as RM800 per month. Many of them may undergo a period without income as Sabah Parks has stopped all climbing activities for immediate safety reasons and for further in-depth assessment and/or while the trail pathways to be later properly re-constructed. We believe such necessary efforts should not be rushed and restoration efforts may take a longer than a normal expected time as we are dealing with an earthquake disaster. We also believe our heroic Mountain Guides deserve more than praise, because they have performed very brave acts rescuing the stranded climbers and casualties, and risking their lives doing so in the midst of the many aftershocks.

Therefore, my team and I would like to gather public support to show appreciation to the local heroes that helped during the search and rescue mission, through The Mountain Guides Association of Mount Kinabalu (Pemangkina). There are as many as 250 mountain guides registered with Pemangkina at the moment. We would like to stress that even if they were not there during the SAR mission, they had once been there assisting climbers up and down the mountain, many previously assisted Sabah Parks with the construction of safety tracks, many were also acting as porters for injured climbers, carrying bags, food, bedding and building materials, etc. therefore they too deserve to be at least recognised.

To get the ball rolling, my team and I will contribute 30 pieces of double-layered windbreaker jackets worth RM300/each (RM9000 in total) to Pemangkina.

If you wish to offer a windbreaker jacket as tribute to their brave efforts, you can contact Jackz Lee at +6016-543-4682.

If you wish to contribute directly to Pemangkina, you can transfer funds directly to:
Bank Account Name: Persatuan Malim Gunung Kinabalu
Bank Name: CIMB Bank
Bank Account Number: 8005609923

Secretary: Abdul Hasnin  +6013-877-2687

Thank you very much for your help in supporting the Mountain Guides of Mount Kinabalu.

Yours sincerely,
Jackz Lee and his mountain climbing team
MLS Holidays


P/S: By the way, I realize some of you are trying to donate to me rather than for my cause. Thanks for your help. But actually I am a licensed tourist guide & tour operator, not a native mountain guide. So I do not need donations of any kind and will not accept a single cent. However, these native Mountain Guides are like family to me, so I truly wish that there are kind people out there who will help them.

Climbers Stranded at Mount Kinabalu


Source: Stranded Climberstranded-climbers-02

mount-kinabalu-after-earthquake-01 mount-kinabalu-after-earthquake-02 mount-kinabalu-after-earthquake-03 saving-stranded-climbers-01 saving-stranded-climbers-02 saving-stranded-climbers-03 saving-stranded-climbers-04 saving-stranded-climbers-05

Source: Facebook

Tanpa bantuan mana2 agensi(bomba, polis, tentra, dll) 30 mountain guide,2 porter dan 1org park renger mencari inisiatif utk menyelamatkan 105 org pendaki yg terkandas di km7.5..terpaksa mencari laluan selamat dan memasang tali sebelum memulakan proses penurunan terkawal yg dikendalikan oleh mountain guide dlm kelaparan, kehausan, kepenatan memandangkan bantuan makanan yg dihantar oleh helikopter not accessible iaitu telah jatuh ke dalam gaung dan mustahil utk di ambil.Tahniah kepada semua mountain guide yg terlibat..kitalah hero sebenar..di sini saya ingin menyuarakan kekecewaan terhadap agensi2 penyelamat yg lambat bertindak memandangkan kami menunggu dr jam 7.15am hingga jam 9 mlm (14jam) Sedangkan cuaca adalah baik

– Safrey Sumping