Mt Kinabalu Low's Peak

Amanda's Mount Kinabalu Experience!

Read about Amanda's amazing climbing experience with her friends:

Having just climbed Mountain Kinabalu - 4095.2 metres, Malaysia’s first world heritage last 2 weeks the memory of it is still fresh in my mind. It is really awesome and challenging test in my life – I’m proud of it. This experience is priceless and memory will keep in my mind forever.

May 20, 2011 was a bright and sunny day. We-9 girls were so nervous and excited.  We were looking fresh all ready to scale up Mount Kinabalu from the starting point-Mesilau trail (2000m above sea level) to spend the first day covering a distance of 8.2km in reaching the rest-house at Laban Rata Hut (3272.7m). Then stay a night at the rest-house and resume the climb at 2.30am in the morning covering a distance of 2.72km before reaching the Low’s Peak (4095.2m).

After a small safety briefing from mountain guide, OK! Getting our baggage to weigh and after that, go go go !!!

I really love climb. Love the surrounding and the people there. Enjoy the mossy mountain forest climbing along the Mesilau trail. Various species of flora and fauna can be found. Thank you a lot the other climbers were passionate in showing us where wildlife were. So, we wouldn’t have missed all of them. There are quite a number of pitcher plants though. So excited, it is my 1st time to saw it.

On the way, there was a lot of native mountain guide- Porters to carry more than 30kg of weight to the rest-house. I wonder it. Isnt’t is physical, practice or it is all mental power to let them continued their journey up? Give them a thumb up is what I can do. They gave me more motivation to continue my journey.

Climbing Kinabalu Mountain, more and more higher, close and closer to the cloud. Also, the landscape changes and different, so enjoy it: As going up, more things can be seen, and enjoy the panorama around. At every meter conquered, can see a little further, so this is I use to discover things that I still had not noticed before.

The part I most love is- Once hiked until certain height. There is full of Bonzai. Just imagine, over the hill, it is full of Bonzai with different sizes being big and small, tall and short….and yet all of it is taken care by nature. That is the power of nature! I was amazed and appreciated the art of nature that shaping the trees to different sizes. I really cannot control myself........and tears coming down, making lines on my touch… i able to come beautiful......the words cannot express what i feel.....

At the foot of the rest-house, I looked around and saw the bone chilling granite rocks that we had to scale up the next morning. I really cannot believe it. This is my first time to saw it. My body shivered from such a sight. Too beautiful of the view but I also worry about how I scale up the slabs of granite rocks tomorrow? However, having a nice dinner is important to me. Buffet dinner at Laban Rata Restaurant is delicious. Hei hei…..

The accommodation at the rest-house, Laban Rata Hut is quite comfortable and that's all we need, a good night's rest before the climb the next dawn.

We wake up by alarm clock at 1.45am in the morning. After the bread breakfast and mountain guide safety briefing, we started our night climb with some harmless small steps. It is super cold.

I’m knocked by altitude sickness on 2nd day night climbing. Hard to breath. I have to rely on the ropes to scale up the slabs of granite rocks along the sides of the mountain..

Thanks a lots- I had a good headlight and gloves so I can get a good grip on the ropes, plus our maintain guide was able to walk side by side with us throughout without holding onto the rope and they are right with you ready to lend a hand. Also, Adidas kampong that we got from the shop at Kinabalu town is a worthwhile investment. Considering its cheap price, the grip is good and hold confidently.

The wind could get strong as well and the temperature fell significantly. We had to pause often to get used to the thinning air. I very sick and felt that I will be dead due to no enough oxygen. It will be tough to breathe up on the mountain, especially cold air . But my mentally was keeping me to continue, toward to summit- it is mean a lot to me…I thinking about my dream and my promise- Diamond.

The view from the peak was breathtaking. In the crack of dawn, when the light was still dim, we could see the cloud below us, and Kinabalu peaks surrounding us. White clouds, and dark peaks, with the ray of sun started coming out. The feeling was overwhelming. It was amazement mixed fear, realizing that we are in such high altitude.

As I stood less than 500 meters away from the summit, I witnessed the magical moment of sunrise. It is too beautiful. Really! Words really cannot describe the beautiful of nature. You sure come and experience by yourself so you will be known. I was so happy to be able to see such a majestic view. All the pain we endured was worth it.

The trek of last 500 meters is almost all uphill, mostly on rocky terrain, and the final part up to the summit is pretty daunting because of the steep hills. I am compelled to take that one extra step in getting one stone closer to the peak of the mountain however heavy that one extra step is. 10 small steps and rest for a while to focus on my breathing. Try to adapt the high altitude. DEFINITELY is mentally, physically and emotionally challenging! Not only me, a lot of climbers also.

One more step, just one more step. It is kept in my mind only. Got a lot encourage from other climbers. They said:’ Girl, don’t stop. More 100 meters only, don’t rest.’ In addition, many thanks one of the Korea tour guide. He bring me around 200m journey. But the altitude sickness let me cannot catch his stepping. I need to take a break, a long break. On the moment, I almost gave up. It is enough to me, tired, no force, cold and hungry. I sat and hope had a good rest there.

Luckily, I saw our tour guide- Jackz Lee.

My x1000000000000000000000 thank you also not enough to Jackz Lee. His helping- Doraemon's HAND for my last 300m to summit. He showed me the places to hang the rope, trails, broken branches, to make my journey easier on last 300m.

On the top of summit, happy but tired. How unique I feel. This is my promise. Do not have cry, clap hands and shout out that I did it. But I touch. I able to made it. I were rest, to let the wind blowing up– purify my mind, refresh my tired and sweaty feet, open my eyes, clean the dust from my heart. It feels so good, what was just a dream before, a distant vision, is now part of my life, I did it! Also I was happy for my others 5 friends. I was happy for us. We made it as a team. We were above the clouds! As I shared what I saw from the peak to friends around me after I returned home, I realized that many could not quite connect to the magical moments we have experienced.

OK! It was time to descend. Going down... Tough, very tough, especially at the summit where you are basically abseiling down a sheer cliff face holding onto the rope, no safety harnesses here! Also, my toe was so pain. Arg! Arg! Plus my hungry stomach……Arg!!! Anyway, ANOTHER THANK YOU to Jackz Lee again, his patient to wait us to go down.

After having lately lunch at Laban Rata Restaurant, we started our journey via 6km Timpohon trail to the gate.  

In many parts of the Timpohon trail, even handrails and sign board were provided. The terrain was steepen and a lot of stair.  Final 0.5 km trail, a beautiful waterfall called Carson’s Fall on my right hand side. Unlike the Mesilau Trail, there would be no more streams or waterfall along the trail.

The journey moving down was not as easy as I anticipated. The scenery seemed mostly unfamiliar and I was eager to get to the base as early as I could. I felt the pain coming from my  knee, toe and I could relate that to what arthritis could mean to sufferers. I promised myself I would do everything to make sure I continue to have a truly healthy body till I die. Respect my body.

Finally, I saw the Timpohon Gate. The thing in my mind was a good meal, a good hot shower, and a good sleep.

Yes......... we got our climbing certificate.

All of us are attracted by the beauty of nature. We are so proud of it. We have the chance to close the nature to feel how tiny we all are, to experience the vastness of the Universe. Life is beautiful. Still have a lot amazing thing can be found by us.

For me, it was really funny at that moment of trip and I could not stop laughing when thought it– even now. Ha ha…..Many thanks to my partner and let me learn a lot from all of you, A wonderful trip because all of you-

Leader: SeowPeng- Gau Fu Bing, Haolian Bing or Xiao qin Bing. No planning is her planning.Easy come, easy go. Relax.

Sying: A skinny girl who like to eat. Eating and eating is her favourite. Thing is simple. Like her smile. Look cheerful.

Yin yin: S- shape girl. Small chili or wasabi girl. Small girl but high motivated. Give up is Never.

Cin: A friendly girl. Always smile and smile. She knows a lot of thing and like to lend her hand to others. She is a very important person in a group.

Joey: A skinny girl also. The first person in our AH MO group, reach the summit. Good! I'm proud of you.

Tatami: Small girl. The first person in our AH MO group, reach the Timpohon gate. I really cannot catch her step when going down to Timpohon gate.

Geok: A funny girl. Her laugh, her action and thinking really …..FUNNY. …Having a fun and happy trip because of her. I cannot control to laugh because of her. HAHA…..really happy

See See: More know of her from this trip. She also is a quite funny girl. HAHA……

In addition, Thanks to another person- RenHao. Learn from him who has already been up there and has had the same dream before i and ended up leaving marks that can make my journey easier; His experience really help a lot. Also,  his sweater, gloves and hat.

Cannot forget to thanks to Double-X and Lemon Active 8 also.......Perfect match =)

If you asked me Will I climb Mount Kinabalu again?, my answer is MAYBE…YES…...Erm   DEFINITELY NOT….I need spend my money to discover another mountain. One time is enough, I need go to others place to explore more and set off on another adventure….World is amazing……LOVE…. HAHA

Climbing - It was so full of a sense of danger, so full of unknown, and so full of … life also.

I am very happy to reach the peak. But I felt even greater by having the opportunity to view what nature had endowed us along the journey which I enjoyed very much.

Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprint. Please always respect the mountain- our earth…. LOVE


Many thanks to Amanda for allowing me to share this here. That was definitely one good memorable experience, one that you can keep and add on to your next mountain climbing adventure!



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